Pregnancy Chiropractor


Planning for a baby- such an exciting stage in life. At Vitality Place we are here to support you on your journey from preconception, through the post-partum period and beyond. From the moment of conception, your brain and entire physiology respond to hormonal changes in preparation for pregnancy.

Your body gradually adapts for your growing baby; ligaments soften, your pelvis tilts forward and weight distribution is altered. Perhaps you have episodes of back pain or neck pain that you would like to address prior to pregnancy, or maybe you are looking for a holistic approach to support your body pre-conception and throughout pregnancy.

Pregnancy & Birth

Conception, pregnancy and birth are all normal physiological processes that encompass the creation of new life. From its beginnings as two cells, through the myriad of development and growth that occurs during the pregnancy and the extraordinary journey of birth, when you consider the intricacies and complexities of this entire experience; it truly is a miracle.

Your body, perfectly designed for pregnancy and birth, undergoes an amazing transformation throughout the course of pregnancy. Notably, the main support structures; the spine and pelvis, adapt and change to compensate for your growing baby.

The compensations to your spine and pelvis during pregnancy may create an imbalance to your pelvic muscles and ligaments, including specific ligaments in your pelvis that support your growing uterus. As pregnancy advances additional stress is placed on the pelvis and spine, which may exacerbate back pain.

At Vitality Place, we utilize a range of chiropractic techniques and soft tissue therapy to address musculoskeletal issues associated with pregnancy. We are well versed in modifying care to support you throughout each trimester of your pregnancy.


A well functioning body is a great way to embark on your experience of labour and birth. Dysfunction of the spinal joints may cause interference; reducing your body’s ability to coordinate its functions and adapt to the demands of labour and birth.

“Birth is an everyday event, yet each birth is an event extraordinary” Dr Janelle

Post Birth

The birth of your baby is a phenomenal physiological experience for both you and your baby. A post-partum visit with your chiropractor, whether you gave birth vaginally or via caesarean section will help determine how your body has responded to labour and birth. At Vitality Place we appreciate the significance of the fourth trimester, we will work with you to support your post-partum functional recovery, establishment of breastfeeding and settling into your role as a new mum.

In the initial post-partum period, holding and feeding your baby is relatively constant. Whether breast feeding or bottle feeding, you are likely to spend lengthy periods of time looking down at your baby, creating additional stress on your neck and spine. Postural changes and associated neck pain may result. At Vitality Place, we work with many new mothers and support them during the post partum period.