About Vitality Place

  • Vitality Place offers the combined experience of chiropractic practice with midwifery understanding, in a nurturing environment.
  • Vitality Place is all about promotion of well pregnancy, positive birth outcomes and sense of community in motherhood.
  • We value the innate intelligence of the body’s self-regulating, self-healing abilities and respect women’s wisdom.
  • At Vitality Place we realise your body’s adaptation to physical, chemical and emotional changes that take place daily throughout your pregnancy and birth journey; we are here to assist and support you.
  • We offer solutions to your pregnancy, birth and post-natal symptoms, challenges and discomforts.
  • We honour birth for the sacred event that it is and assist women and babies in their functional recovery in the post-natal period.
  • Vitality Place is about empowering women and their families in their choices and throughout their journey.

About Dr Janelle

My childhood was spent in part, on my grand-parents farm where I was lucky to learn about the cycle of life in a very organic way. I remember being present with my grandmother while the family’s sheepdog birthed her puppies. In the stillness of night, we sat back in respectful silence as the progression of birth unfolded. I remember the distinct feeling of amazement and how fortunate I was, to have been witness to such a beautiful event. My absolute wonder of the entire pregnancy and birth process was sparked in this very moment, as was my desire to become a midwife.

With more than a decade in midwifery practice, time and experience taught me about the intricacies and complexities of birth. I have gained a true appreciation for the normal physiological process of pregnancy and birth, that a woman’s body is designed to give birth, yet I respect how involved it can all be at the same time. I have also gained a great understanding for how important it is to have a well-functioning body in preparation for pregnancy and birth and how this can significantly impact a woman’s experience during her journey.

My passion for helping women to experience pregnancy wellness and positive birth outcomes led me to explore how I could be of greater service to women and their families during this remarkable stage of their life. Through my own first-hand experiences, the art and science of Chiropractic made perfect sense in my pursuit of assisting women to achieve their desired outcomes from a physical, chemical and emotional perspective. It is an honour to work with women during their preparation for pregnancy, to assist in promoting optimal body function and wellness in pregnancy, and to be a part of welcoming new life into the world. I am grateful to have a role in supporting the functional recovery of women and their babies in the post-natal period and helping to maintain ideal body function for themselves and their family thereafter.


Dr Janelle Van Kalken is a Chiropractor and founder of Vitality Place. With a passionate interest in women’s health and a combined 20 plus years’ experience, Janelle started her career as a registered nurse and midwife. After more than a decade of midwifery experience, sharing in the lives of women and their families, acknowledging the privilege of working with women during their pregnancy and childbirth journey. Janelle was inspired to return to university to become a chiropractor so that she could combine her midwifery knowledge and experience with her chiropractic skills and continue working with women and their families during this phenomenal stage of their life; pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Janelle is inspired not only by getting to the cause of pain and dysfunction through inquiry and the discovery of how your own set of lifestyle factors influence your health as a unique individual, but also helping clients to be active participants in their own health.